Mysterious Attitude
2002-04-19 23:17:52 (UTC)


Well, basically since my long break of my diary I've been
talking to George on the phone. He's probably the main
reason why I haven't been online and why I didn't write in
my diary for so long. He was calling me so much that I
couldn't stay online. At first he was talking to me so, I
could help him get back with Erica. (he's hers ex) Once he
found out that she wouldn't give him a second chance, he
still kept calling me. Like the third day we were talking I
had phone sex with him. Which was all my fault, he sounds
so much like Jack!! He also makes this purring/growling
noise that turns me on so bad!! So it just happened. Since
then we've been doing that on a nightly bases. Shit he even
came to my school to see me. Just by chance the day he
came, my 2nd hour teacher Mrs. Blackmon had me take
something to the office. I see a short boy walk into the
school, my first thought was "Omg he looks like George" but
I just shrugged and said "nah it can't be". Well, when I
got into the office I heard the boy ask for me. I told him
it was me, and we talked for like 2 minutes and I went back
to class.
Mmmm ... he's starting to like me now and I sorta like him
to. He's asked me out but I kept tellin him I gotta think
about it. All he wants it sex, and he is a total asshole a
lot of the time. He even told Erica me and him had phone
sex! Then he called me whore! I don't see why I still talk
to him but I do.
To tell u the truth tho, he is the best phone sex partner I have
had. lol He likes to kiss the phone a lot tho lol! He sounds so sexy
and can purr omg, 2 good thangs in one. He can turn me on in like one
minute lol.
He plays the guitar and was in Erica's cousin's band. Now,
he is in a different band. He plays really well actually!
Eh, but he plays hardcore metal music lol.
On the phone we act like were going out. He even tells me
that he loves me! He gets mad when I talk about other boys
also. So, I dunno I guess that's about all about him. Lol
So I guess I shall go, buh bi for now!

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