Mysterious Attitude
Ad 0:
2002-04-19 22:55:20 (UTC)

Friday April 19,2002

*Time: 5:17 p.m.
*Wearing: blue dickie pants and blue T-shirt
*Jewelry: tha usual,my fake lip earring, and my new earring
that spirals down my ear.
*Hair: fixed with 7 ponytails
*Listenin to: the radio station 92.3 their playing an old-
school remix thingy
*Eating/Drinkin: nothing/coke
*Last Ate: food from Rally's
*Last Drank: coke
*Song of the day : Let the music play- I dunno who its by
its a freestyle song that's playin right now
*Weather: sunny and cold
*Talking to: no one my away message is on
*Mood: magenta, my new word I got from the show "The Golden
Gurls", it means when someone has a bunch of different
emotions all at the same time.
*Thinking: Omg I can't believe what Adrian told me!
*Later: I dunno yet
*Money Count:0
*Watching: the computer screen


Okay on Wednesday I got a lil pissed off at Adrian cuz he
had PMS lol & he lost the letter he wrote me :( So the next
day Thursday he gave me a letter when he saw me. Before he
gave it to me he said "read it when your by yourself, cuz
there is something in there I don't want anyone else to
know." I told him ok and I went to first hour. As soon as I
saw no one looking I read the letter and here is what it
said (he's sorta like Jimmy Hendrix, u know how he would
play one song, then go crazy play a totally different song,
then play the song he was first playing again? Well, that's
how Adrian writes his letters, he talks bout one subject,
then begins to talk about another one, then go back the
first subject lol, so I'll only put the important parts in

2: Helena
4rm: Adrian

I'm sorry I lost the first letter... I don't even remember
writing one.(talks about sumthing dumb) I really liked what
you wrote today.(I had a dress down day at school, I'll
explain why in a lil bit)You look super cute in black. Do
you have anything pink? I think you'll look HOT in pink &
Ok I'm going to tell you a deep dark secret that no one
knows. Don't tell anyone or let anyone read this. This is
soooo secret something you keep to yourself that after your
finished reading this paper it will self destruck (I'm just
kidding don't be scared)(talks bout something dumb again)
Well back to what I was saying ... you better not tell
anyone anyone anyone! well my secret is...ahem... I Adrian
have been wearing the same underwear for 2 weeks! Ha Ha Ha
just kidding. Let's just say me and you have something in
common. Yes, I'm bi too your the first and only person I've
told you can tell Erica. I bet she still wants to know who
I like, tell her the A is for Alex C. and the R is for
Randy K. Out of all the girls I only like yoou... :) (talks
about sumthing else dumb)
Well that's all I have to say I feel so light getting this
off my chest. Tell Erica and yourself not to call me until
next Thursday, my mom will be gone.
Oh I made a joke! me, u, and Erica should make a show
called two bis, a gurl, and a pizza place. ha ha ... well I
thought it was funny. Bi
Adrian E.

Omg, me and Erica knew he was bi!! When I read the letter
on Thursday I was soo shocked. He actually trusts me enough
to tell me that. I feel soo special!! Can u believe it he
likes me 2!! ::smiles:: I wrote him back during first hour
(I already gave him a letter I had written Sunday nite
after my mom dropped off him and Erica) Anywho, I wrote him
back telling him that I could tell that he was bi and that
I like him also, that I have liked him since way before he
started to come to my house. I also said that I knew that
he liked me cuz Erica told me after she read the first
letter he wrote her. He hasn't wrote me back but he did
read it. I asked him today if he was really bi or curious
about being bi and he is really bi!! So yea, he has tried
stuff. That makes him so much more attractive to me!! hehe
Go Helena!!


On Wednesday I had an award ceremony at school. They let
everyone in the program dress up, so I wore tight black
pants with ties on the knees, and my quarter sleeve black
shirt that says "Warning High Maintenance." It was like 70
degrees outside and even hotter in my school. I wore all
black cuz Adrian told me one time before that I look nice
in black, so I wore it for him lol. I got 5 awards and a T-
shirt. I'm a lil disappointed in myself but its ok, I'll do
better next year.
I've started this after school program to help me with my
math, so Tuesday-Thursday I gotta stay after school until
4:10 p.m.
Anywho, after school Erica came over and we hung out and
thats about all.


Well, I already basically wrote about what happened
Thursday. This was the day Adrian gave me the letter. After
school I stayed for the math program, then came home, and
called Erica to come over. Adrian wanted to come over as
well but his mom wouldn't let him :( I let Erica read his
letter he gave me, cuz he wanted me to tell her about him
being bi. She reacted like me lol. She went home and that's
about all.


I went into school at 11:00 today cuz no one could take me
until that time. So, my mom came home did my hair for me,
took me to get sumthin to eat, and took me to school. As I
was walking to my locker my friend Elizabeth was walking
with me. Adrian has saw me also and was talking to me and
stuff, but then this gurl Jennifer grabbed him and pulled
him away. So, me and Elizabeth kept walking. When I got to
my locker, Adrian was like right behind us. I tell ya it
seems like every where I go he is there already lol. He
must've missed me today! Anywho he walked with us back to
the lunch room and we went to our tables. It sucks that
boys and gurls can't sit at the same table but its all good.
Anywho, I have a feeling me and Adrian are goin to be
friends for a LONG time hehe :)


I'm so happy for my sister Krystal. She has a job now and
is going to school!! She's so happy and I'm glad she
finally is! She's been calling me almost every nite at 9
telling me what's going on and stuff.


I dunno if I have written about him or not. I'm talking
about the new John I met thru Leah. He asked me to go out
with him online and stuff. He also gave me his phone number
and address. He said that he would come up here to meet me
too and I told him I may be able to come down there and
visit him also. He lives in Kansas. So I dunno, I'm going
to call him next week, maybe if my voice is back to normal
and I'm not sick anymore. Hehe I'm getting lucky ain't I?


Well, I think that's about all, I gotta go and finish my
other entries. I'm almost done with the story of me and
Justin, so I will type that up soon and place it in here.
Buh bi for now!