Deep Down
2002-04-19 22:33:07 (UTC)

Tattoos and Attitudes

Mmm..mint Skittles.
What in the world will they come up with next?
I talked to Neeley the other night.
You were right Jess.
You were also right about me almost getting frostbite...
I can't feel them.
Oh, I also got my results......
Call Dylan and ask him...
He knows
Excuse me for not having a phone and being a hippie. LOL.
I just want to live day by day..each one to the fullest.
So I am now sitting here....wondering if Neeley will come
I hope she does.
I just want to hold her in my arms.
As pathetic as that might sound.
So, I had a curse of the joobies today and ran into Naomi
at The Habit.
Go figure.
I think she's following me.
I think she waits outside my house until I leave,
then "accidently" bumps into me.
She wore a TON of makeup Jess.....you were right. It was
She kept flipping her hair, and to top it off, it looked
like the girl purposely tried to show off her "jewels" to
I was revolted.
How she can discrimnate herself to nothing is beyond me.
*Shakes head*
She kept touching my arm and talking about past times.
I told her like I did before....no more. Never again!
She wouldn't get the hint so I finally said, "You know
what? I'm seeing an intelligent woman. However, I think
Rich's schedule is open tonight." Then I walked away.
So I don't have a gf?
Who cares.
It got her off of my chest.

Yet, thy windest blown
Thy lips brazed o'er thou lips, flesh, and brows
Thy soul mournfully flown
Constant kisses, praisingly wondering hows.....

I have a gig later tonight. Maybe I'll catch you and Jen
there. ;)