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2002-04-19 21:25:57 (UTC)

Hot as balls

So, I'm housesitting and dogsitting this weekend. And
babysitting for a completely diffent family as well. Plus
I'm working for the Parade of Homes as well. Busy busy. Odd,
I know. Don't know why I feel odd, but I do. I'm just
chilling right now. Have to pick up the baby oh, around
6ish. And then it's kid food night at my house. Yum. I love
chicken nuggets. Then packing for housesitting and.....wow,
this is all really boring and complicated and confusing and
it's much easier to talk to me about it if you have any
questions. Sorry, didn't mean to bore 'ya there.

Nicole got the package I sent her. Yay! I'm glad. She was on
the train when she called me and it was hard to hear her,
but I got the gist of it. I hope it made her smile.

I want a pool table. How fun would that be? Oh yes, and I
went to talk to the guy about being a bartender. We'll see
if it happens. I've always wanted to be a bartender. I've
also wanted to be a stripper, but that will never happen, so
don't get your hopes up...........at all.

Okay, gonna try to work out the TV.


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