The Tiger's Flame
2001-05-28 10:14:29 (UTC)

can't b bothered 2 think of 1

well guess wot, its a whole month till my birthday!!! i
can't wait to be 16!!!! yes, i know i'm young. it's also
less than a month till i finish all my exams!!! i haven't
started my exams yet, but after June 4th, i won't be
smiling till June 26th. June 4th, thats the Linkin park
gig that i can't go to!!!! life's so unfair. u know wots
even more unfair, there's this other show thingy that i
want to go to called party in the park, pitp for short. it
going to be in Hyde park and i wanna go, but i don't have
tickets!! Weatus r gonna be there!!! I WANNA GO!!!!! so if
u r reading this and u r a famous person who's going 2 b in
pitp, pls, pls, pls, pls get me a ticket, my name is
Starla, ok???? and u know wot else, my good friend Reenie
has tickets!!!! but there's no spare one!!!!

neways other news is that...... well there is no other
news. see how boring my life is. o, im on study leave now,
and every1 else is on half term.

k, i'm going now coz my fave eminem song is on!!!
so ciao!!


*love peace happiness makes the world go round©* (moi)