dope shit
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2002-04-19 19:57:18 (UTC)

I shouldn't have done that


Whas goin' on my peoples?. Finally its friday huh? time to
get the swang on the party scene. My week was pretty chill as
usual nothing too big. I hope yalls had a good and relaxing
week. your prolly wondering why the title of this journal
entry is titled "I shouldn't have done that" huh....well lets
jus say that I did somin' that i shouldn't have done. Nothing
to big I jus know that I shouldnt have done it. if u really
wanna know what it was holla at me. but yea national holiday
tomorrow huh? too bad i cannot participate on this weekends
activities....haha too bad. But yea imma leave you wid that.
Have a good weekend and check back wid my ass later.


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