the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-04-19 19:36:21 (UTC)

she's so annoying, thank G-d she's leaving tomorrow

Annika is so annoying!!! She's like, "oh, I want to see a
movie tonight." So we went online to check out the movie
times and the latest showing starts at 10:00 (sucky, i
know). and we're not going to be home then, we'll be at a
program. so i told her we'd have to go to the 4:00 showing
and she's all "i want to go to the bookstore! i want to

and now she's complaining that we're not seeing the movie.

also -- JB -- I'm sooo sorry it's taking me forever to get
back to your e-mail, i feel so bad. this weekend, i'm going
to write a long one though -- i promise. and thanks again
for the video!!!