Incoherent Thoughts...
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2002-04-19 19:27:59 (UTC)


thanks to meagan...i have now moved onwards and upwards
from this location, to a new journal. the site (for all
those interested) is the same one as maegan s. has her
journal. OK, my journal address is:
yay! Way to go me. so from now on all you faithful
readers can check out the most current exciting (and
believe me they're EXCITING) events in the wonderful life
of laura. I love you c'mon and read my
journal. ;) all the cool kids are doing it. YOU KNOW YOU
WANT TO. well i have to go for now, but as maegan and
anyone whos an eighties child like me would say...
catch ya on the flip side
Thanks are due to know who you are. I'll put a
special 'friends' entry in my new journal.
live love die

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