Jordan West

Nocturnal Etheria
2001-05-28 08:42:56 (UTC)

"this is love" by melissa ferrick

this love feels like snow on my face
yeah it stings for a second
then it heats...up
and drips
turns into water
inviting me to
lick my lips

ok so i figured i'd start off every entry with a song title
and artist that i love, so that maybe some lucky soul
somewhere will come across this journal and discover a
great song....maybe:-P

i would like to thank sporkyluv for his introduction to
online journals...hopefully i'll keep this up on a regular
basis so he can read it "lots and lots":)

today i got up at 10 and watched college sball on espn! it
was lots of fun and then i went to practice and run and sit
on the beach for a while.

do u ever have those moments where you look at something
ordinary and it suddenly becomes the focus of a beautiful
or startling portrait in your mind? it happens to me from
time to time, and today it happend at the beach. it was an
overcast day at the beach (my favorite time to be at the
beach) and i was watching the waves crash, and i looked
down at my feet, which were half-buried in the sand, and
the way they were sitting in the sand for that short period
became the most amazing view in the world. i have no clue
why, or what, in particular it would have symbolized if i
had taken a picture, but i very much wish i had hada
camera w/ me.

well thats it from me, and hopefully its not completely
incoherent....i'm off to bed.