Theories, Thoughts, & What Ifs
2001-05-28 08:23:52 (UTC)

Definition of a Friend

I went out tonight with some coworkers, at the same time you
can say that I went out with some friends. At one point I
don't think we would have been this close, but now I don't
know what I would do without them. We have bonded into our
own little family, and we do things together like good
friends do. We share our quirks, raunchiness, and all around
weird things with each other.

These are the people that I can turn to when I'm having a
bad day and they understand. The best part of that is I
don't have to wait to go home to share my grief. We have
been there for each other through work related and also
personal problems, and to share wonderful and exciting news.
There is nothing that can't be said to each other.

This has prompted me to be grateful that I work where I do.
To know that I have a second family that cares about me. To
know that I have REAL friends, not coworkers who TRY to be
my friends.