Same old Same old
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2001-05-28 07:53:14 (UTC)

The Sleepover!

Jess is sleeping over today. Infact she is here right now.
The things we did so far are:
-Went for a walk.
-We got snowballs.We got 1.75 (large)ones.I got rootbeer.
She got spearmint.
-Then we went to Poor Boys.We got candles. When we got back
we found out the part you light was missing.But, not just
one candle both.
-Then we went down Genoa's street.
-We went to 7-11.We got a $.25 pack of gum.We used all of
our money.
-Then we went home. We asked if we could go to the park.
-Then we went to the park. We heard thunder so headed home.
-Then we were hungery so ate some homemade blueberry.That
I made and are delisous. Infact we are eating them now!!!
-Then we did makeovers.
-Then ate ramon soup.Yum Yum!!!!!
-We had some caffine so we could stay up all night.Infact
it's 3:47 right now.
-We also had more of that yummy ramom soup.Plus MORE
CAFFINE. Definatly!!!!!
-We got in chat rooms.
-Made me a new screenname.
-Then here we are now.

So that is what I did so far!!! It has been so

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