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2002-04-19 18:25:12 (UTC)

What a strange trip it's been.....

This week has been very strange. Actually, maybe it just
feels like we're at a normal school. It was spring fling
week and I suppose we had the weather to match. Actually,
there was no spring about it...it was HOT! Went to Mer's
game on Wednesday...well first we stood in line after class
for free stuff. College...you'll wait in line forever as
long as it's free. The Shaggin in the Creek theme...well,
it's just classic and ironic... But I think my favorite
part is the beach ball. Oh wait....or the frisbee-disc
thing. A new frisbee! Haven't had a chance to try it out
Anyways-the game was fun....and I got some sun. Ok, so I
could be in the sun for years and still not be tan. But it
was still fun, and my roommate let me borrow some of her
fun summer clothes. :-) Somehow we managed to lose a
cookout in the Creek. I'm not exactly sure how that works
b/c we could practically see and hear the whole campus from
1 spot...but...we did. :-p
After some dinner and a little bit of work and TV
watching...we headed out to the concert...for just a little
bit. My roommate...she never lets me do work. :-p
Today we did the oral part of our spanish final. Might I
just say that I totally stink at spanish. I mean...it's
bad. I don't know anything...not at all. And I'm
supposedly finishing 201...intermediate spanish. We
managed to get 47 out of 50. So that's an A. But if I
have to take 202 I'd better be taking a crash course in
spanish...and learning really fast. I feel sorry for
anyone that comes into work and I even remotely try to
communicate with them if they don't speak english.
Yeah...it's apparently just not my thing.
This afternoon-I must do work. But first...a quick nap.