Queen Bee

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2002-04-19 18:06:22 (UTC)


Yesterday just pretty much blew. my brother decided that
instead of acting like the 23 yr old he is, he had to act
like a infant and decided to get an attittude and start
hitting people with phones and although he apologized for
that, it still pissed me off. then red decided that like
always she wanted to defend him. her argument? hes going
thru a hard time right now. so if he is having a bad day
and takes it out on someone else than its okay cuz hes
going thru a hard time, but if im having a bad day and take
it out on someone else i got bitched at "just becasue your
having a bad day doesnt mean you can take it out on
everyone else" its like wow, dont defend me ever. the only
one who defends me is b/f and thats because hes one of the
few people who cares about me. me and him are doing very
good by the by. then red starts in about howhow i should do
this and that to be a better person, which than made me
feel 2 inches tall. then i went up to take a leak and she
stormed out of the house. she is way to mellow dramtic and
im sick of everyone and their shit. im sick of my shit. i
dont want people trying to make me a better person cuz i
love me just the way i am and i dont want people to try and
figure me out. i dont want peoples help and i do not want
their pity, so just leave me alone.

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