Thoughts to Share
2002-04-19 18:05:26 (UTC)


You're giving off a Emerald vibe. Your bright, refreshing,
grass-green aura tells us that you're a relaxed person with
a laid-back attitude. Into living a healthy lifestyle —
from eating right to trying yoga and aromatherapy — you're
down-to-earth and always easy-going. You bring calm and
peace with you wherever you go. A bit of a flower child,
you're as unpretentious and open-minded as they come.
Everyone is invited to your party. Chances are you have
quite the green thumb, too, as well as a knack for healing
people — both emotionally and physically. Sensitive and
compassionate, you're as reliable as the earth and as
natural as herbal tea and organic vegetables.

Hmm...I suppose I could be bright. Healthy lifestyle?
That would be nice...but somehow I don't think I'm as
healthy as I should be. Relaxed? Sometimes...yes. I like
the flower child thing. :) I do like my daisy and violets
that I keep in the window here. And I am the one that
keeps our plants alive at home.