living life
2002-04-19 17:56:33 (UTC)

Livin the life

Its been a while hasn't it? yup it has....well not much
has changed with the situations that I 've already told
you about....I've givin up caring..I'll probably leave Cedar
Point single just like Im going single going in and have
nothing in between either. someday it will be my turn to
be happy but it's not today and probably not tomorrow....
hell I'll be lucky if it's in the next year. I talked to this guy
Jason and he told me that he use to feel just like I do
right now and that he use to have an alcohol problem
and then someone came in his life and made him feel
he had something to live for. Well Im waiting for that
day but maybe Im looking for to much at such a young
age..I dont know...I've matured to fast in life but thats not
my fault. Im ready for things in life that I dont think some
25 yr olds are ready for. Im totally loving the college
experience but Im ready for it to end and for me it's
about to. Im going to massage therapy school an dIm
gonna do what I enjoy dong and what Im good at...well
I've been told Im good at it... I dont know for sure. With
this job hopefully one day I will be able to afford my
Expedition that I want. YAY!!!! I really want cedar point to
get here so I can stop hearing stories about people and
make my own judgement and then people are trying to
get me to talk to all these guys and Im like " I can do
this on my own"!!! I dont need help! I finally get to see
Rogers band tomorrow night...nevermind that I have to
drive to michigan to see them..oh well he's hot so I dont
mind!! Well I have to go Jules so we can go home I will
wrtie later BYE!!

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