the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2002-04-19 17:35:05 (UTC)

I hate MR

okay so i am justing going to refer to her as MR. Bahh get
over it for real I am getting very aggrivated with her..
Like I go out of my way to be nice to her and she still is
like well being rude .. okay Kennith was 3 months ago get
over it .. and plus it was not like u were with him .. I
am so serious I am getting quite tired of all this .. ne
ways so I am about to freak upt if I see her give me one
more bad look .. its like this .. She has been mad at me
for 3 months b/.c I dated this guy that she decided she
liked and then after he made her mad she threw him away but
I decided I like him and we dated for seriously 5 days and
I broke up with him b/c he was annoying .. and instead of
getting over it and moving on 3 months later she is still
angry .. god grow up .. I am so serious .. ne ways so yeah
Josh is about to annoy me to death .. its like this .. he
is always calling and then he calls in sperts and he is so
sweet about everything and I get mad b/c he tries to sugar
coat everything for me .. this does not help me at all I
mean I can not deal with all this niceness and I love u
crap after a months he reminds me every day " its been 5
weeks " hello like I don't know that .. and another
thing .. I have a name and it is not baby .. I swear if
he cals me that again I am going to hang up on him and
block his number b/c he says it in such an annoying voice
that I wanna ripe my hair out everytime he says it .. Its
this long drawn out whinny tone and I am like
SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ne ways so I am at school and this is nothing like
Calallen .. u have to sign ur SS# to everything I am just
like this is crap ! hummm and another thing I don't
understabd how I got cheated out of my 15 ap points like I
swear the counclers here have no idea what they are
doing .. and I am not supprised b.c come on get a real
job .. better yet get a life .. okay so i am bitter b/c I
am going to have to take my 1st summer school couyrse in my
enitre life b/c i am getting cheated out of my 15 AP
i am not sure wht to do .. bahh I wanna move back
home !!!!!!