lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-04-19 17:32:12 (UTC)

jettas are gay!! jettas are gay!!

haha i need my little trumpet out, ok? i've
been reeeally strange lately and some people have gotten to
experience it.

like yesterday, hanging with marisa & we're
dangerous, i tell you. the rocky mtn. experience was
great. and then there was the provocative palm tree at the
toy store. and the quacking baby. and a lot of other
things that will put the fear of owls right back in ya.
and the 'lester pants (haha nice abbreviation for 'em,
don't ya think??). i can't really entirely explain what we
did cuz i don't know myself. but it was mighty fun!!

and then i went home & changed into my running stuff & went
out running...and when i went by mission oaks, this little
skater punk skated up to me and i was like, "wow he looks
really gay, i wonder who it is?" and HEY it was eddie.
hahaha! no no, much love to him. and joey came over to &
i talked to them but i had a feeling that they weren't
understanding the words i was saying cuz they both kinda
looked at me like i was from another as soon as
they had sat down to "chat", i ran away. it was a
beautiful moment.

and then i got home & my mom talked to me about boys & boys
haha...and for the millionth time i told her that the only
dance so far had been when we were snowboarding, and i'd
much rather go snowboarding with my friends than go to a
dance. and meeeeeeee mememememeeeeee! was what came out of
her mouth. and somehow by the end of the conversation we
were talking about the ocegueda boys and how niiiiiice
eddie is and what a niiiiice boyfriend he must be. haha so
then i was just laughing and the moment died but oh well.
besides, i don't want to have eddie's babies, sillies.

ok enough of that. friday has arrived & i'm feelin' good
about it. yaaaaay no really i'm excited for this weekend.