.my ramblings.
2001-05-28 07:19:44 (UTC)


ok, so maybe i'm a little slow, but it just occured to me
today that whoever gave me feedback on that first entry of
mine, the one who said something about i could've at least
picked a more original name, that it was obviously original
enough to catch that person's eye, so gimme a break.
besides, you didn't even leave your name. not too gutsy

anyway... so i'm tired and should go to bed, but i can't
get my lazy butt up. ha. yeah right. i'm looking forward
to tomorrow. day off. how nice. i think i'll just take
the day to myself and not share it with anyone. ahhhh i'm
looking forward to it already :)

what was i gonna say... i can't remember and my bed is
calling to me....

why is it i always think of the interesting things to say
when i'm nowhere near a computer..... oh well... this is
how it goes....