One Day
2000-12-21 14:35:52 (UTC)

Someone recently told me to try..

Someone recently told me to try "free writing." This is
where you write on one particular subject for 5 - 10
minutes. I think this is something that may be truely
beneficial to me. I've become so afraid of what my writing
will reveal that I haven't written anything in months. The
last thing I wrote that I thought was worth anything
was "Hate." I guess I just titled it considering it didn't
have a title before that very second. Maybe tomorrow I'll
type it out. There are so many things I want to accomplish
with my writing. World Peace is, of course, one of them.
Ahhh, the young and still dreaming writer. I think the
major challenge will be to write about what is meaningful
to me and not what the public wants to hear. If I can
manage to do that and make enough to survive on then I'll
be a happy motha fucka!! Where did that come from. It's
so very rare that I use such words while I'm writing. They
seem so pointless and vulgar. Nothing like when they come
out of my own mouth.:) I think this is just about all for
now. I just wanted to start off and introduce myself to
what I'm doing. This is my work in progress!!! I will
suceed one way or another... and remain true to myself.
Take care and talk to you soon.

-me (12/21/00)