Thoughts in the Confused
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2001-05-28 06:16:51 (UTC)

memorial, the day


Today was better. I did not appologize like i would of
liked to to my parents but I was good. I guess that is
better than naught. We had a good family breakfast. My bro
got grossed out and he semi-puked. That was gross.

Then we came back homoe and spun around on the boat. Then
we hung around and I continued to read the book, T2:
Infiltrator, it is the new book that continues on from the
Terminator 2 story line. I think it is going to be made
into a movie, but I am not sure. It is getting better.

Then we went trap shooting and that was cool. But now my,
dad, bro and I have little bruises on our shoulders. lol,
though it does not really hurt that bad.

Then we ate at my fav resturant at the Lake. well, atleast
one on them casue they have the game system NTN and you play
triva at your table. I just really like it. The place is
called Riskys.

Then we headed home and we all sort of just hung out and
vaired on nap times till about time for dinner. Which was
pretty good. Some barbeque but differnt from the previous

Then we just hung out and watched TV and then hear I am.
Oh, yeah. Megan called me. I have never mentioned her in
this diary before now and I am not sure why. She is a
pretty good friend of mine. I will give a little background
but not to much. I am in my brother's room and he just came
up and I do not want him to read this.

I was her CDA(RA) in the Fall '99 - May '00 school year of
college. She was a freshman I was a senior. She is very
pretty. She has the face of an angel and she is wild. She
is Irish and that should say alot. She is also a sweetheart
and we just became good friends. She has always come to me
to tell her problems, hang out, just talk or a good back

I have truthfully always felt something toward her. I do
like her but I can not see us together. Not that I do not
think of it, but i do not think she would ever even think of
going with me. I am judging by the type of guy she normally
dates and I am not really it. Though I do care for her.
She is like a sister for me and I want to make sure that the
best happens for her. I had help set her up with a guy she
had a soem interest in and that worked for a while. I think
it was good for her and she agrees. She had a hard
background. From her father passing away her senior year of
highschool. And that she some more distrubing things happen
to her when she was younger. I really feel for her.

More later. have a good night.

jdiary2001 (at) gmail (dot) com

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