Tic Tacs DO Have Blogs
2002-04-19 12:32:37 (UTC)

19.04.02 - The cry of the impath.

Unusual title I know. But I thought I'd open today's entry
with a poem I wrote last night while talking to my
friends. I called it 'Cry of the Impath' because I truly
believe that's what it was. I was crying, because my
friends don't know it, but I take their pain away a lot of
the time so they don't have to bear it.

As soon as Dylan told me he had gotten into a car
accident, I asked to take away his pain. When Amy got
dumped by internet asshole, I took her emotional pain. I
have my mom's headache at the moment. So. My poem.

'Let me take your pain away
Be you far or near.
Let your pain be mine as well
My closest friend so dear.

Let me take your pain away
Let yourself be free.
Let me feel it flowing quickly
From you into me.

The impath is a cursed one
Who feels another's pain.
The pain of loss from one dear friend
The impath learns to gain.

Where there's a friend in need
That's where the impath learns to go.
A problem shared's a problem halved
The impath learns to know.

When friendship's face has labelled one
Who's running out of strength
To save her friend, you'll find
the impath goes to any length.

So let me take your hand, my friend
For I'm an impath too.
The curse will always be a gift
As long as it's for you.'

So? What do you think? Don't be too shocked if you think
it's too good for someone my age. I'm used to this, I just
happen to be skilled at writing poetry, no biggie.

So, I haven't much more to say, so time for stats:

My Mood: in pain
Status of life: different
Status of story: 13 pages (YES!!!)

I love you guys, talk to you soon.


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