i hate guys
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2001-05-28 05:12:23 (UTC)

i hate guys

hey this is me again and sorry i didnt get to write more
but anyways something is wrong withme . my friend came back
from the hospital and i saw her. im glad shes back and all
but i dont know she makes me feel like shit. i like this
guy that is like the only guy that i can talk to bout
anything and i didnt mean for it to happen and i started
liking him. now my friend likes him and they like eachother
and i dont know wat to do. i cant stand seeing them
together. i mean i have a bf and i shouldnt care but i feel
like she is taking the only guy away that i can trust and
talk too. she has all these ither guys that talk to her and
i just want someone to talk to too. now that they like
eachother now the guy i like doesnt talk to me anymore and
i guess i wasw just a backup until she came back. he said
he would like me only if i was her but im not so he doesnt
want to do anything with me. he made me feel so ugly and
she makes me ffel it cuz she can get any guy she wants.i
wish i was someone else i hate it. i know this isnt really
abig deal but i just want him as my best friend if thats
all i can get. i dont care that they like eachother but i
hate being around them when they r together. and this guy
knows taht i like him and he keeps rubbing it in my face
how much he likes my friend. couldnt he just not talk to me
bout it?and not tell me every single damn min how hott she
is ? i cant even stand my friends anymore! omg im going tro
crazy!also i dont even talk to my bf. he lives 30 min away
and doesnt even seem to care that were going out. god every
singly guy is like that! i hate it! i hate myself i hate
everything ! why cant i be as pretty as my other friends !
god!i have to go now but just wanted to tae some steam out
and let everything out. whoever reads thsi now u know how i
feel by nikki