so yeah, life sucks
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2002-04-19 06:25:15 (UTC)


ok so i spoke to her on the phone
she called me after i told my friend to pass along the
message taht i wanted to talk to her
so she called around 10 or so (4-18-02) and we spoke for
about 30 mins about what not and all.
i got the important stuff out
i care about her still, i want to try again, i think her bf
is an asshole, hes too controling, he makes her sacrifice
her friends (some of tehm her GOOD friends) just so she can
spend time with him
he demands things from her and threatens to break up with
her if she doesnt
i learnd she didnt do any of her internship stuff this year
becasue of him "if you go ill break up with you" WTF is that
i wasnt the best bf in the world to her but thats somethign
that NOBODY has teh right to do to anyone
she deserves so much better than him
unfortunatly shes too loyal to do anything to him
she almost brainwashed or something......
either way, i dont know whats going to happen
we're friends for now and we're gonna see how that goes
she seems to be doing well in other areas other than the bf
area. doing good in school, but her list of friends has
shortend. either wya she still has SOME friends left
i wish i could have her back, its all my fault i dont have
her now, so im feelin hurt AND stupid. oh well
ive told her whats on my mind and she knows whats going on
with me, sorta. so its all up to her now i guess
i dont care if she takes me back right now, i just want her
away from that pig of an asshole scum bucket mother fucking
cock sucker.

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