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2002-04-19 04:59:32 (UTC)

April 19, 2002 ...

Well, I'm trying to keep up with this journal thing now, so
I figured I'd better make an entry before going to bed. I
just got off the phone with my honey. I love her so much.
Anyway, here's today's memories: I got up early and went to
class where I took a quiz in Propulsion which, if I may say
so, I aced. Then I came home because I was expecting a
call from the head of the Int'l Space Station committee at
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Did I mention
yesterday that I called her and she actually answered the
phone and said she'd help me find a job down there? I was
psyched. So she said she'd call either yesterday or today
with a compiled list of job openings that I could be
interested in. So, I figured I'd skip my second class so
that I'd be here when she called (I did not want her to get
the answering machine...). Anyway, she never called, so my
plan tomorrow is to go to my classes and then if she hasn't
called when I get home, I'll call her and ask how the
search is going and pressure her to know that I'm very
interested in employment there. Gosh that would be
awesome, working at NASA a half hour away from my baby at
NIH... Life couldn't be better without being married and
graduated. Anyway, so during the rest of the day, I did
homework and mowed the lawn. It was another day in the 90's
or so. Way too hot to be in a house with no A/C. Anyway,
now, I need to go to bed so that I can function tomorrow
and hopefully even do a quick workout so that I can burn
off this flabbiness that's beginning to form around my
stomach for the first time in my life. Too much beer this
past year I guess... Good thing I've cleaned up that part
of my life. Anyway, I'll talk again tomorrow maybe, maybe
not though, my brother's coming to town again. So, who
knows, anyway, later.

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