I Debbie...
2002-04-19 04:27:38 (UTC)

Are We Living In a Changing World?

Or is the world changing us as we live? Is that a question
or waht? I am sitting here with a margherita flavored wine
coler much as I have in the past. So much has changed that I
don't know where to begin First I have changed jobs and now
ride the bus to workeveryday. I have become accustomed to it
and it does not freak me out so much anymore, I like the
people who I work with,especially the guys who do the
repairs. If I was being really correst I would say they are
the driving force behind the company. The two guys are Tom
and Robert. The first is the jeweler and he kind-of reminds
me of Uncle Dick. I really like him,...he never minds that I
am always leaning over his shoulder watching what he is
doing nr does he mind that I will buy about anything he
sells with ruby or emerald, or gold.....he is an awesome
jeweler and I would trust him with anything that I own.
Robert is the watch maker and he is so good that he does
pretty much everything by instinct. He reminds me of that
one guy on WKRP in Cinncinnati. We banter back and forth and
we can do that without fear of either of us meaning anything
by it. Peggy my manager and the owner is a rreal brassy
lady. She is maried to an Italian and I think that they are
a really interesting combination. He from the phone reminds
me of Uncle Eddie. Kind of that rough exterior but a heart
of murhy emotion that you have to know to love. I think I
like her but she can be really tempermental and to a point
judgemental at times. She has a really big mouth and I am
surprised that she has never gotten in trouble for it. But
she at the same time is really easy to tell things to and I
am not afraid of admitting my mistakes or if I did something
that may not be totally correct. She seems to take thing in
stride except that she can go on and on if she doesn't agree
or undersand something. Which is where she can get really
mouthy. Margerat is English and is like my aunt. Barbara is
a school teacher and was fired from Zales because she would
take money from the drawer and not pay it back. I am not
sure how Peggy justifies that one. I mean it would be so
easy for her to steal from our drawer because our system is
so archaic to say the least. And then there is Sana. She is
Muslim and it is really kindof neat to know her as I have
never known anyone from there before,... Palastine I mean. I
will say more in Part II.
I Debbie

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