2002-04-19 03:34:47 (UTC)

in the belly of a black-winged bird

tonight i talked to ___ for a long time. about how things
were at home. and how it was going to be good for him to
get away from it all now that he's in college. and how when
he got older he didn't want to ever have to worry about
financial oy yoy's and such. so.. i went down stairs... and
i looked at my dad and said, "daddy... give ___ a job." and
guess what? he gave him one. and ___ was so excited
looking. i'm so happy for him. maybe this is a step in the
right direction for him. he'll be able to save some... and
help out his mom. and things will get slowly better. ...
i'm so grateful that dad helped. even if it's a little
money. a little can go a long way if used the right way.

messed up and flunked a chem test. yeah yeah. i know. it

bummer low low down point of the day. ani's coming to
nashville... and i can't go. ... because of distance and/or
prom. and i'm soooooooo angrysaddissapointed. i want to
cry. infact. i already did a little. but what can i do? i
mean. it sucks so bad. it's the second year i've missed
her. mannnnnnn.... what can i do?