Mysterious Attitude
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2001-05-28 03:26:22 (UTC)

Sunday May 27,2001


Today was a good day.. I got up at 1 sumthin got ready..
me and my stepdad David walked around and my mom picked us
up... She dropped David off at work and went to go pick
Terri up to take her home... Then me and my mom went to
Renee's house for a cookout.. I tell ya I everyone was
laughin at all the dumb ass things people were doin... lol
There was this really cute 19 year old guy there.. by the
name of Steven... I couldn't quit lookin at him... hehe and
he knew I was...I mean damn.. all the gurls were lookin at
him... but anyhow... everyone at the cookout includin me
went to check out this house that was is said to be
haunted.. it looked so freaky... so like 10 of us go up to
this house to look at it.. and Justin sumhow got a door to
open.. so we all went in.. it looked so old and gross.. and
it looked like sumone lived there cuz new pillows, plates,
pans, and even a new fan was in there.. which was odd..
considering no one has lived in this house for over 50
years.. we checked out all the rooms besides the
basement... and Steven was like.. damn sum bums must be
livin in here.. lets scare them out.. and then he like hit
the wall with a broom and said get out all of u bums we r
takin over... lol well after bout 10 minutes of checkin
this house out we all ran out cuz we had a feelin the cops
were goin to be called on us... lol so we went back to
Renee's house.. and chilled outside... Justin,Joe, and
Steven had a lil dance contest... ::smiles:: damn they all
looked good as hell... bout 20 minutes later my mom decided
to leave.. so we jumped into the car and as we were drivin
away Steven waved bye to me... hehe On the way home me and
my mom were talkin... and I was sayin how cute Steven was..
and how I must scare guys or sumthing... lol she was like
your mysterious.. and that's a good thing.. I was like
yeah.. whatever... Cuz damn Steven's gurlfriend was there
and yet he was still flirtin with Justin's gurlfriend...
but my mom was tellin me how he was checkin me out.. lol..
I was like yeah yeah.. I wish... lol.. Then we got home...
I washed sum dishes, cleaned my shoes, and chatted
online... and that's bout all for now.. so I guess I will
go.. bye bye 4 now