Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
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2000-12-21 08:51:45 (UTC)

hey! Well today is my last day..


Well today is my last day of college for this term, which
I'm quite sad about actually! Wierd, I know! I guess it's
coz I'll miss the everyday ritual, and my mates! oh well!
It means not writing this for a while too, coz I have the
internet at home, but I don't want to fill this in at home
coz our computer stores the addresses, which means one of
my family mite go on and read it and find everything out,
so I can't risk it.
So anyway, I hope you all have a great xmas, can't be as
bad as mine will! My mum and dad will have their annual
arguments, my sisters will too and I'll get stuck in the
middle of them! Oh well!
I'll tell u of my xmas events in Jan sometime!