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2002-04-19 02:28:05 (UTC)

How hard it was to move on

Tuesday, April 16, 2002
Feeling: Foolish
Song Playin: Ashanti - Foolish (my days r cold w/o u)

Haaaa, wut a day wut a day!In p.e we all got 2 play
softball, but instead of playin co-ed..we played seperate
teams lyke all boys all girls(2 games).I didnt even got 2
hang out w/Roy today.The reason y Cory & I arnent together n
e more is b/cuz i like Roy and I rather date some 1 dat goes
2 da same skool as i do.It was hard yes..cuz it suxs 2 have
a BF u luv so mush but den u lyke some 1 else(dat goes 2 da
same skool as u do).Ish lyke da other person is hard 2
ignore, so I dont wanna end up cheating!After lunch and alla
ways 2 da end of skool, i was jes thinkin bout Cory.I felt
bad cuz he nearly cried wich made me almost cry thinkin'
bout it.Welps, I jes hope wut I did was fer da betta.