J's Online Life
2001-05-28 03:10:06 (UTC)

So many to do today

First thing in the morning we went to church then
afterwards we went to eat at Cocker Barrel for lunch then
we went to the bank to do sumthin then we went to the mall
bacause my mom had to change her dress into a medium on
because the one that she got was kinda small and tight for
her so she got an another one that was kinda cute than the
other one. it was kinda funny while we were at the mall
because my uncle was there and we were trying to avoid him
bacause if he sees us he's gonna ruin our plans for the day
so we were trying to run away and everything because the
store was like in front of his booth where he works.
Anyway, after that we went to wallgreens to buy some of my
mom's hair stuff then we went to sams to check out if my
pictures is already ready and as usual it was because of
seths pic soooo...when we arrived, the photo guy told us
it's not ready yet so we just left. then after all that we
decided to wash our car by ourselves. it was kinda fun
with just mom and everything anyway gotta go now so bye!