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2002-04-19 01:09:16 (UTC)

Life In General

I really love trika. I realized today i love her enough to
sacrafice my own ambitions. Is that sick? Or is that just

I donno she means the world to me. Id wait for ever for
her. She means that much to me and I donno no one else can
fit her shoes. Shes the kinda girl guys only dream about.
Hell I found her. I dont car how far away she is. Im not
letting her slip away.

She wants to go to westpoint. I know whoa shes got super
high goals. Me Im gonna to FLCC. Thing is I would have to
wait her four years of collage to get married to her. Then
if im doing good in my music recording technology
enginering stuff I have to make the chocie of waiting 5
more years to marry her and only see her when shes on
leave, or give up my job, marry her, live on an army base
and live with her.

The scary thing is I would give up everything for her. She
means that much to me and I would give up everything. Hell
if she makes it in to Westpoint, which I know she can. She
can do almost anything she wants to. Hell chances are she
will get in. When she puts her mind to something hell
theirs no stopping her. I love that about her. When she
knows what she wants she goes all out for it. Like with
drill team. Gosh shes awesome. I dont see why she sticks
with me. Im not even sure what I wanna do with my life.
Gosh I love her.

Well you people probably dont care about this so Im gonna
stop boring you.

Trika I love you so much and I would glady wait my whole
life for you.

Love ya Trika.
Laters everyone else.