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2002-04-19 01:01:07 (UTC)

my day

hey... never wrote one of these before... first time for
everything right:P before you read this i just want you to
know im not going to take the time to intro all my
friends... maybe someday if i get really bored but for know
you can get to know i did... by their actions. well my days
been so far so good... i wanna chill with my hopefully soon
to be man hehehe... but i dunno whats going on. i spent the
day walkin around oneonta with meaghan and sara... (im
black...meaghans cubin...saras jamakin... not really but we
all have our own lil voices)ive been sober all day and im
personally very proud of myself. i went to BK with jay n
megs n sara and rebecca s came in a basic asked if i was
stoned just bc i was in a really good mood. Ah i hate that
once people find out you smoke if your in a good mood you
automatically are "stoned off your ass" its like, ah no
fuck you. Dan said he was going to a party to night...
which kinda makes me worry... fuckin drunk...i dont think
his been sober all week... kinda makes you worry. we rented
13 ghosts and audri rose er some shit, looks good... it
would be a whole lot better if a watched them with a
certian person... but what are you gonna do? ahhhh my hairs
all braided and it looks like shit but feels cool as hell.
speaking of hell julie's is really pissing me off lately...
we went to ocean city and she was fun, but i dunno shes
just been in this constant bad mood lately! im not sure if
im the only on to notice it or not but i dont think i am. i
think shes pissing everyone off bc she flirts with every
guy she come into contact with she basically throws herself
upon... and i KNOW thats not just pissing me off... hell if
i was amanda i would have fuckin shot her already! but yeah
thats just kinda me... well i gotta go chat with "my man"
hehehe later gator :*