Steva's Life
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2002-04-19 00:29:11 (UTC)

The end of the day

Ok well i ended up going with mom and it wasent as bad,
we pretty much faut the whole way but... then we got there
and i got see to meet a goat, I speek very good goat! and
some ducks... i speek good duck to. and then a really
cute Jack russel terrier so it was a good day, the guy
mom met had a great room on top of his barn and i want
it, It had a ping pont table and a Pinball Macheen and a
great view of the whole run of the land he owned. So i did
end up having fun.
I hope she's gonna change her mind about us moving here....
I also feel bad... because sarah was supposed to come in
and i don't know if she did or didn't she usally doesent
but... i never know for sure. :-P
I'm begining to get excited about jeff's arival in NY :-D
I miss him.
Why the hell is he in Cleveland!?!?!? WHY!?!?!?
well he'll be living with me soon so its all good! :-P
Well kisses to all.
back tomorrow.