Light Eyes M77

Can't Keep Me Down
2001-05-28 02:41:15 (UTC)

Farewall to a Good Friend

In 3 hours Natalie will be leaving for the UK.
Indefinately. She says she will return@Christmas,
reassuring words i feel more than anything else.

It's been a strange 2 weeks, basically we've spent all our
free time together before she left, we went to Bed-n-
breakfast on friday, then to the Rocks on sat, and then off
to HOME on saturday night. She said she wanted to make up
for lost time for when we were fighting.

Its amazing how much she has changed since we first started
going out back in 97. She was a sheltered, niave, and
innocent young girl ... and now over the years she's become
a strong minded, independant woman.

I haven't paid her much attention over the last few years,
as she was (for the most part) keeping her distance 'cause
i was seeing someone. I will really miss her, we have
become good friends as of late. I think there will always
be a soft spot for Natty in my heart.

In a months time, Penny will be going too ... seems like
I'm driving all my ex's away!!

I know Nats will be fine, I'm a down that she's leaving but
i'm also happy for her following her dreams. Which makes
me think .... am i following mine?