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2002-04-19 00:07:00 (UTC)

so i just got home from work. i..

so i just got home from work.
i am so incedibly tired. i feel as if i havent slept in
i have this project that im supposed to be presenting
tomorrow. i have been working on it all day and now its
time to do more and i dont want to.
i got called into work this morning. so i was there...all
i havent been home in the longest time.
im so overwhelmed with all of this school work.
and i hate getting up in front of people.
my dad just got home and immediately starting being a huge
asshole to my mom.
now im in trouble because i got in the middle of it.
someone needs to stand up for her.
all over a stupid picture man.
where has the love gone in this world.
my eyes are dry and heavy.
i want to sleep so badly.
i didnt want to leave her bed this morning.
i fell asleep on her last night. on the couch.
i was so tired...
coffee isnt even working anymore.

anyway i have to go do this shit.

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