dismal life
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2002-04-18 23:59:09 (UTC)


my life is ok i guess now....i fixed things with the i am so in love with him...things with my ex
blew up in my face but i don't really give a shit...4/20 is
in a 2 days so i'm chilling...yay!

even if you run
i will find you
i decided i want you
now i know....i need
if you can't be brought...thougher than i thought
keep in mind i'm with you
never gave up faith, can't concentrate
even if you run...

i smoked at the REZ today and rob was there with mike
rosario and this other kid....they smoked me up and i was
chilling...i know too many people in this goddamn town.

it would be funny if one day i went to the REZ and mike's
ex was there with all these little fake freshmen
goths...i'd die...


tomorrow should be even better...


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