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Emo Violence
2002-04-18 22:01:52 (UTC)

Im getting older too.

Im listening to a very pretty song by Ben kweller called
Lizzy. its so sweet. this feels like my last journal
entry, well maybe not, but most liekly.
im gonna hook up a live journal tonight, but im gonna keep
it all personal like bryse's. no freinds, no "freinds of"
just my writing, and i will like it to anyone i dont mind
reading it. this site, to easy, to simple. no expression.
though im going to keep this one for private private stuff.
i may put a block on it cause i dont trust anyone.

today was so weird, i sat quiet and thought a lot. i had
some study halls, and it was just so hot that i didnt get a
lot of owrk done. gym class we played tennis outside
(right around lunch time) it was SOO! hot, i cant even tell
you. right when we got back in the building and were
changing from gym the electricity went out. pitch dark in
the locker room, yuck. i quick changed in the dark and
headed off to the cafeteria for lunch, still in the dark,
nice fun though. bryse and i had fun talking, i always love
talking to her, wow we are such funny people. we joked
about eric II, his name is gabe actually but looks almost
eerily like eric marcinazin. he shaved is head and the
likeness is even more uncanny. lights came back on and
things were very hot. culinary arts we had strawberries
dipped in chocolate, which were very nice.

"we will wake when kitty licks"

then school went slow and boring. i was tired, german was
so tedious, i just zoned out, i cant stand her yelling at
you in german, it fuckin pisses me off, because you cant
even respond. finally school over, i took the bus home
which i thought was gonna suck, but i got a popsickle that
was good even thouhg it tasted like cherry cough syrup.

i just took a nice long slow deep breath. im excited for
the weekned, this week was pretty much stress free and
everythign sounds in order. tomorrow im goin to the shows
i guess, i dont care, hopefully i will see good friends and
stay with them, im jealous of everyone going to see
getupkids and thursday but whatever. mike is going to see
locust tonight too... haha that just reminded me of
somthing bryse wrote today....

"you have a dvd and a ticket to dashboard confessional, but
no home" haha mike is the best. and i love bryse with all
my heart, she is great. her jokes and journals kill me, our
zine is gonna be so funny. almost everyhting i wrote in
there is all sad and forlourn (right word?) i should re
write some to be more positive, i think we should throw and
extra thankyou to our new DE friends, cause they are
awesome, even if they do crazy drugs and break bryse's
heart. haha.

satruday should be hot too. fuck, i have the comference
during the day, im considering skipping it, wow im a
horrible person to skip that. but i dont wanna go! i
wanna sleep in on saturday, well maybe we'll see what
happens. saturday night, my mom is leaving for the beach,
im gonna go to the digger show then hopefully hang with
friends during/after over here. ugh, marry me now. i really
hope the fall faster boys can come over and chill, they are
fun like WOAH! haha, Rich: tumbles in the mcdonald's
parking lot, and i mean FALLS! scrapes his knee all up but
manages to get up and keep on walking faster than ive ever
seen! it was hillarious "i meant to fall and cut my knee in
3 places" why are my friends the funniest in the world.

i talked to sammy today, told him to call me, its sad
waiting around for mike to call, i miss him. sam's calls
are always funny. but i really just want to hear from mike.
waiting around is so tedious.

tomorrow will be so easy, "i'll be home soon dienu" anyway,
3 study halls. easy stuff. i do have a map test sometime
tomorrow morning i should study for it. (note: dont forget
cd player for 6th period boredom)

well its about 6pm. my mom is making good sandwhiches with
sasuage and cheese and awesome italin bread. if i was
vegan, i'd miss pravalone cheese the most. or i could just
be fake vegan! haha, but not drink beer because of the fish
by products in it and say im drunk. wow im mean as fuck.

anyway, next time you read me. try livejournal.com my user
name will most likely be HeartBledStars

love more than love can say.