Reality Bites
2001-05-28 02:10:09 (UTC)

May 27, 2001

Omg! I totally freaked out today. I went to the movies with
Jenna, Joelle and Kara (Joelle's friend) to see Pearl
Harbor- a great movie by the way and guess who works at our
movie theater? Nick! I mean I remember one time seeing him
there, but I never knew who he was, i totally forgot that
he worked there. I am so going to the movies more often,
and boy would getting a job there make my life! Jenna told
me that he's been having family problems, his parents are
divorced and she wasn't real clear on what was going on,
but i feel bad for him:( God! I want him so bad:) Okay i
was like all giddy and crap after I realized he worked
there. I need help!