Loo's Daily Affirmations
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2002-04-18 16:31:44 (UTC)

have tried to enter this several times

and I just seem to get overrun with things to do and never
finish. And today I am still really not feeling like waxing
poetic. I wish things would change for me somehow. I want a
different job, or to move. OR to meet someone special. I'm
not feeling angry or bitter, just a little left out.

Did some great shopping at Marlet in Atlanta this weekend.
Why does shopping make me feel fulfilled? Is it the
acquirement of stuff? OF nice stuff? Does having "good"
things make me feel "good" because I associate it with
being "good"?

OK, I am obviously in a weird mood. I'm going to abandon
this train of thought before it runs me off-track.

Mom's good, Dad's good. They are apparently good together,
but I don't really want any details of that.

S is good, starting her store. T is good, insane as always.
Sis is ok. I think she could stand to be better. But she'll
be bringing the kids soon, and having a vacation, so
that'll be good...

no more for now....

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