The lost little girl
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2002-04-18 16:20:54 (UTC)

it's still really hot outside...

yeah well yesterday i fuckin' roasted and today isn't any
better. but i have a smile on my face b'cuz tonight is, you
guessed it, kareoke night and i can't wait. i'm hangin' out
with crystal today until then b'cuz we always do that. oh
and just so you know you are gonna have to wait until
saturday for the scoop on what happened tonight. i'm going
w/crystal tomorrow to get her tattoo..then crystal, kate,
rachel and myself are going down to boston to go dancing and
won't be back until the next morning. and i'm sure i'll have
some sped-tastic stories from that night. i mean, knowing
us!! :)
well i'm gonna jet so that in case i get a call from crystal
telling me she is on her way i'll know..so yeah..i will talk
to you guys on saturday and tell all...byebyebye- love you-

daily quote :
"YAY...Crystal got her first lady kiss" - me

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