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2000-12-21 06:22:17 (UTC)

-:-December 20-:- Dear Diary, ..

-:-December 20-:-
Dear Diary,
Completely New Subject...I mentioned earlier about me
moving. Well ok that came completely out of no*where.
Well today i just found out how my mom *n* dad are goin
to put the house up for sale after Christmas! :o( I was
shocked...I mean i knew we would move after my 9th grade
year! But putting the house up for sale in a couple of days
or weeks?? WoW! I mean i will still go to school here next
year and my brother will graduate...but we will have to
rent a house and will be seperated from my dad for about a
year!...He also just had a stroke a couple months ago and i
know that my mom isnt gonna be ready to let him go out on his own *n*
neither am i.
Its a really big deal that the house is leavin to me
*n* one of my BeStEst FrIeNdS...Jaimee...because we live
down the road from eachother. We walk in the summer, fall,
*n* spring. Ive known her since 5th grade and she knows
everything about me. I know everything bout her. The walks
are something really special that we have. Something that i
wont ever have w/ anyone else. When we dont walk we go to
eachothers houses. I dont know what i will do w/o her down
the road from me.
*Love Always*