True Confessions
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2002-04-18 15:31:33 (UTC)

A new day

Today is a new day. And I have the urge to go to work and
see HIM. I may just drop by on HIS lunch hour, even though
I know I should stay away.I just can't help myself. I am so
drawn to HIM.
Why can't I just be happy with A.W? A.W. is such a great
guy he has never done anything major to me but yet my
feelings for him have changed. I try so hard not to let him
know that my love is not as strong as it was 10 years ago.
How do you tell your husband you are in love with another
man? I think if I ever did it would kill him. He loves me
so much and I treat him like dirt. I am such a bad person.
But yet at times I feel no remorse for what I am doing
especially when I am with HIM.We have not had sex yet but I
know that one day we will. I can just feel it. and when
that happens I really will be a bitch.