Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
2002-04-18 15:00:24 (UTC)

Writing Projects For Forseeable Future

Ironically, if any of these work out, this will probably be
one of the more popular writings of mine. Because this is
sort of my plan for the rest of the year with my writing and
my meager attempts to get published. It's more of a list of
what I intend to send out to get published. But this is my
plan for the remaining year.


Justice Byrds#100
co written with Scott Kitchin and Kyle Pearson. Should
hopefully be finished in May and released by mid may.

Justice Byrds#101-106
My final story arc for Justice Byrds for probably the rest
of the summer. Should all be finished by mid may and should
be on website www.justicebyrds.com by late may and
throughout June.

short story. Writing is finished. Shall be submitted upon
completion of exams.


Real To You
Short Story. Writing is finished. Needs only editing to be
completed. Shall be submitted once finished

End Of The Beginning: A Michael Through Time Novel
In editing process now. Should be finished with final draft
in may and should be submitted to publisher by then. (You
don't care yet of course, but hopefully a year from now
you will...one can hope can't we?)


I Am: An Experiment In Poetry
Poetry Collection I have talked about. Should be completed
in all ways (finances barring) and should be submitted for
October Release.

There Be Diamonds In Their Eyes
Short Story. Needs editing and may expand story. Undecided
on that point but hopefully things will work out so I will
be finished the thing and ready to fly.

Vacation. I'll need it as I'll hopefully be busy setting up
my poetry book for publication, then I can work out hopefully my
Justice Byrd committments for remainder of year.

September To December
Sketchy at the moment, but look for more Justice Byrd
Stories until December 2002 when I leave the writing tasks
to someone else. Hopefully enjoying the fun ride as I wind
down my run there. Probably some more short stories, maybe
dabble in some children's literature and who knows? Maybe
I'll finish another novel. Should have update by August.

I shall probably have close to over 650 pages of writing
being processed and ready to submit by August. That's the
plan at least. Hopefully I'll achieve it. I have other
projects I could do and may do from September - December.
But it will all depend on how things are working out. I may
or may not be a success by the time this all flies through.
That said, I shall endeavor to try. After all that is what
life is all about. I want to be a writer...which will be an
expensive hobby until I make it...but if I work dilligently,
hopefully I'll be able to make it. Which I suppose in the
end, is what matters.
That's enough from me...there isn't much I'm going to say
for a while. Right now, the poetry is written and the poems
are selected. Cash is the only thing preventing me from
going through with the project. When I am going through it
I will update this journal beyond the occasional outtake or
unedited version of released poem. In the meantime I shall
endeavor to try and make it in other avenues. After all, it
is not whether or not I succeed, but I try. In the end, I
will at least be able to look in the mirror and say that.

That's all folks
have nice days and pleasant dreams in the forseeable future
The Mad Scientist