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2002-04-18 12:25:48 (UTC)

18.04.02 - Two birds with one dream.

Well. Today is my first day back at school. I hate school,
as usual. At least we have our old teacher back in French.
No more bitch on bitch pills.

You probably are wondering about the title. Two nights
ago, I had a dream about one of my friends, and that they
would get hurt in some way. This proved to be true with
Dylan, as I already elaborated in earlier entries. So I
won't go into it now. Otherwise, I will talk about nothing
but Dylan, as usual.

My friend Amy also got hurt, but emotionally. Remember the
guy she was going out with on the internet? he turned out
to be an asshole. An asshole cheater, who was cheating at
the same time with her friend Tab.

I never really trusted him, because even when Amy wasn't
on, he'd still talk to me, like really nicely and it
was just too suspicious. He was so nice to me, and I was
really cold, because I mean, he shouldn't be acting
that friendly with his girlfriend's best friend. If
you know what I mean.

So. Having premonitional dreams sucks, and be glad if you
never have them. They are bad. Nobody wants to see into
the future and I defiitely don't. I have a problem which
is one of my greater dark secrets which I have never told
a soul and never intend to. So if you have premonitional
dreams, try very hard to get rid of them before it is too

And my stats for today:

My Mood: annoyed
Status of life: sucky
Status of story: 12 pages (damn writer's block!)

Oh well, I love you guys, thanks for listening. I'll TTYL.


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