My Life
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2001-05-27 21:34:36 (UTC)

It's Rainy outside.

Hey.I'm just sittin here-listening to music and typing in
this online Journal thing.I actually went to bed early last
night give me a hand *clap* at one am.IM usely up late like
til almost 2ish.I was totaly bored.We had a bad
thunderstorm last night at 4 30ish am,and I have a window
above my bed,and man I sat striaght up in bed,it woke me
up.So then I slep til 1,and I heard our neighbor down
stairs,and she gives us alot of crap,so I laied back down
and rolled over for another 30 mins.So, I get up at 1 30ish
change clothes and everything,chill around the house,and
then I get on the net for alil while,My grandmother then
calls and leaves a message on my call wave-saying her,my
uncle,aunt and cousin are coming to look at our new deck,on
her car phone.So I had to rush and tell everyone so they
get prepared.You have to know my grandmother,she gives you
what she calls *advice* everytime you see her.Shes in her
70s and still trying to tell my dad how to live his life
and hes in his 40s!So,they come over and check out our new
deck and everything and visit for alil while and leave.My
cousin had something she had to be at,at 5.and its a hour
drive here to their house.soo..then I chilled watching alil
tv,mtv,but you know how mtv is they play reruns of
everything.And I've see the retirement house show on mtv
like total of what 3 or 4 times in the past two days! Gawd
I'm so bored.I wanna go out and do something-its a real
sucky weekend its rained all weeked.and Its raining now as
I type.