2001-05-27 21:20:17 (UTC)


Hey! Wassup? Me, nuthing. I've just been chillin.

Well, let's see. . .what have I been getting up to? Not
much really. I've started talking to this boy who's in my
5th period class *ceramics*. His name is Enrique. He's
really cool and a hottie. We were playing and he pinhed me
on my neck. It was all red and people were like, "You gotta
hickey!" It was kinda funny.

Brittney isn't talking to me. I don't know why. Remember
how she said she hated the other Brentnee because "She's a
bitch. I swer to God I wanna kick her ass!" Well, they talk
now. I think it's because Brittney wants me to always spend
time with her, and now that Nicole, my best friend, lives
across the street from me I spend a lot of time with her.
Anywayz. . .Brittney is acting like this really big bitch.
I don't know what her problem is.

You know how Nicole goes with La'Juan? Well, the day before
yesterday Cloe, Cloe's boyfriend, Booney, and his friend,
TuTu, went to Nicole's house. Nicole has had the biggest
crush on TuTu since I can remember. So, when Booney and
Cloe weren't around she fucked TuTu. That's not the only
thing. . .TuTu goes out with this girl Jaime. It's quite
sad really. So, last night La'Juan wasn't talking to Nicole
because he heard from Brittney's big ass mouth that she
kissed TuTu. Well, La'Juan was supposedly trying to get
with my friend down the street, Jackie. Jackie also has a
baby. So, lastnight, Nicole and La'Juan considered each
other "cheating". Now Nicoel and La'Juan made up, and
La'Juan still doesn't know about the whole TuTU thing. So,
if La'Juan asks me if she kissed TuTu, I'm gonna say, "She
only told Brittney that to see if she could trust her.
Apparently, she can't." Brittney doesn't know that Nicole
and TuTu had sex, Nicole only told her that they kissed.

Now, isn't that drama? Those are the times when I'm glad
that I'm single. I think if Enrigue asked me out I'd go
with him. He's in the 10th grade. He's about 5'9, brown
eyes, close-to-shaved head, a nice smile. So, we'll see
what happens.