Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
2002-04-18 05:57:58 (UTC)

"Crazy...HEY...but that's how it goes"

Well, summer is officially here. The ugly fucking kids in
the neighborhood are out in full force...crazy ass drivers
are out and about...and it's getting really hot. Put that
altogether and what do you got? MASS FUCKING CHOAS!! Oh
well...nothing you get do about the weather. I guess,
summer is not all bad. I like to go to my families house's
and have cook-out's and chill. It's cool. I always seem
to have fun, day to day. Never bored, that's for
sure. :) Makes me smile. :)...see I'll do it again.

Things seem to be looking up a bit. I might have a job
lined up. I have an interview at Spencers Gifts out at the
Woodville Mall. I hope everything works out on that. I
need a JOB hella bad. I didn't think I had a chance at
Spencer's, but I gotta call around 2:30 this
we'll see. Pray for my good fortune.

Yesterday, was the 1 year anniversary of my Uncle Mike's
death. My mother, my Aunt April and myself went out to the
cemetary in which he is buried to bring him flowers and
what-not. It was sad, but the flowers were really pretty.
Then we went to my Aunt Penny's (Uncle Mike's wife) and sat
with her for awhile. It had to have been a tough day for
her. I love my Aunt Penny and I hate to see her sad.
Although she hides it really well, I could tell she was

Other than all that, my days have been pretty good. I must
say...Life isn't all that bad. I have my family, my GOOD
friends...what more does one really need?