down in my eyes
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2002-04-18 04:57:22 (UTC)

Packing... taping.. hauling.

Again, i signed on, thinking i'd have something somewhat
important to say.... but, again...i have nothing.
My entries seem to be getting more and more boring.. Not
that they've ever been interesting. But i really feel
like i'm running out of words to express my thoughts...
Not that i've ever been expressive, tho-

Well, i've been packing like a maniac, 'cos i'm waay
behind, considering i have 'bout 5 days left.. so i've
been cramming, stuffing, 'n throwing things in boxes...
all while trying to do it in an organized manner~ .. 'n
then tapen 'em up..'n hauling 'em down...to the garage.

Thats how my past weeks have been... I'm tired.
'N I have to get up early tommorrow, to see my recruiter.
Rudiger, on friday... ithink?!

Ok. Sleep........ Now.

"Its alrite.. to tell me..what you think..about me..
I wont try..to argue..or hold it..against you.
I know that your leaving..you must have..your reasons..
The season.. is calling..your pictures..are falling down"