a rop through my mind....
2002-04-18 04:23:31 (UTC)


yeah, it was another hot one.....melting slowly, but at
least there's some sun out :)

in two days i compleatly exhausted my supply of
shorts/skirts so i went shopping today for more
shorts/skirts, well i came home with two skirts, ok, so
most of you who know me fairly well are saying "wait, is
this LAURA?" and yes it is, skirts are actually fairly
comfy :) either that or maybe i'm just becoming more lady
like, nah..... :)

in other news, there really is none, room lottery is
tomorrow, well the room pick part, through deal with
somebody else i get 4th pick for junior singles :) (if you
want to know how, just ask) so, that'll be good, even
though pickings are slim, i'll at least get a single.

yeah, cold pack on the back of the neck helps, ac would be
ideal, but such is dorm life.......