Deep Down
2002-04-18 03:48:11 (UTC)

Tunnel Vision

*Grabs heart, gasps for breath, and rolls off the couch*
"Shot to the heart, and you're too late...you give love a
bad name...."
Let's see if I can compose all my thoughts into one
meaningful, and yet, understanding, entry.
I don't even know if I put them into complete sentences
that I can reprehend.
I didn't mean to make Neeley mad.
I didn't mean to make her jealous about my last entry (I
know she's not).
I talked to Jessica today. She told me Naomi was going to
call me.
I went to Mammoth anyways.
I skipped all plans,
all work.
I needed it.
I needed to enjoy passion and clear my head.
I came home and took a shower and found 2 messages on my
Guess who they were from?
1st: Jessica. She said something about Naomi calling her
and telling her that she wanted to take me out to the 4
2nd: Naomi. Wanted to know if I'd see her. She gave me her
hotel number.
I called her up.
Told her that I didn't want to see her. I got hurt and
didn't want to hurt her now, knowing that my heart wasn't
in it and that it belonged with which words I see almost
I'm talking to Neeley.
She needs 110% right now.
Bye Jess!